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Our new CD "Fiddle Me This" is now available at our shows
or by mail at the price and address below.

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ZoŽ Darrow, Blandford, Massachusetts, 2006

Fiddle Me This - 2007
ZoŽ Darrow-Fiddle and Bodhran, Tom Coburn-Piano,
Phil Darrow-Guitar

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Tune List:

1.   The Mermaid / Mist on the Mountain / Over the Moor to Maggie
2.   The Black Rogue / Rocking the Baby /
      Calliope House (Dave Richardson, Gilderoy Music) /
      Rory's Reel, Shetland Fiddler,  Clumsy Lover (Neil Dickie)
3.   If  Ever You Were Mine (Maurice Lennon)
4.   Dargai (J.S. Skinner) / Sleepy Maggie /
      Malt on the Optics (Hamish Moore, Grain Music) /
      Farewell to Decorum (Hamish Moore, Grain Music)
5.   The Bee's Wing Hornpipe (James Hill) /
      Eugene Stratton's (J.S. Skinner) / Banks Hornpipe (Parazotti)
6.   Whistler From Rosslea (Ed Reavy) / Conner Dunn's /
      The Good Natured Man
7.   Darla's Jig (Kevin Chaisson) / Morrison's Jig / Down the Broom /
      Hull's Reel (John Morris Rankin - Ole Sound Productions, Ltd.)
8.   Over the Moor Among the Heather / King George's Strathspey /
      Dinky Dorian's (Francie Byrne) / King's Reel
9.   Jean's Reel (Bobby MacLeod, Emerald Music) /
      MacArthur Road (Dave Richardson, Gilderoy Music)
10. Moxham Castle (Dan R. MacDonald) /
      Dismissal Reel (Sandy MacLean) / West Mabou Reel
11. Shakin's o' the Pocky (J.S. Skinner)
      (Fiddle harmony arranged by ZoŽ Darrow)
12. The Cuckoo / Maudabawn Chapel (Ed Reavy) /
      The Night We Had The Goats (Alex Francis) /
      Fairy Dance (Neil Gow) /  Goats Again
Total Time: 58 minutes
All tunes traditional except where noted. A special note of thanks to the composers and publishers of these tunes for help during the preparation of this recording including Dave Richardson of Gilderoy Music, Edinburgh, Scotland;
Ed Reavy, Jr. of  the Ed Reavy Foundation, Springfield, PA, USA;
Sally Rankin of Ole Sound Productions, Ltd. of Nova Scotia, Canada, and George Doherty of Emerald Music, Ireland.


ZoŽ Darrow, 2002

Please Don't Eat the Fiddleheads!- 2002
ZoŽ Darrow-Fiddle, Phil Darrow-Guitar/Mandolin,
Chris Darrow-Piano, Kurt Hansen-Mandolin

Tune List:

1.   Mist on the Mountain / Over the Moor to Maggie
2.   Flowers of Edinburgh / Cooley's Reel
3.   Mist Covered Mountain
4.   The Farewell / Eamon Coyne's
5.   Northside Kitchen / Brenda Stubbert's Reel
6.   Welcome to the Trossacks / King's Reel
7.   Neil Gow's Lament for the Death of His Second Wife
8.   Soldier's Joy /
Bay of Fundy / Fisher's Hornpipe
9.   Devil's Dream / Mason's Apron /
      Big John McNeil / Saint Anne's Reel
10. Miriam
11. Canyon Moonrise
12. Catharsis
13. Lover's Waltz
14. Fiddlin' Around
Total Time: 1:04

Our recordings Please Don't Eat The Fiddleheads! and Fiddle Me This are available at our performances or by mail. If you would like to order one of our CDs, please tell us which one you would like and send a payment of $15.00 (US) plus $3.00 for shipping and handling, payable to ZoŽ Darrow, to:

ZoŽ Darrow and the Fiddleheads
Blandford, MA 01008 USA